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Welcome to Shadow Rock Ranch Property Owners Association

When’s the last time you woke up hearing birds chirping or enjoyed a nature-filled view? With a parcel at Shadow Rock Ranch , these dreams can come true.  We’re a group of homeowners committed to maintaining a tranquil environment in one of the most beautiful areas in Northern Arizona.  Our residents get to enjoy a community well and a planned road improvement program that contributes toward making community living very pleasant.

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A Beautiful Community with four mild seasons and stunning views from every parcel.

Thank you for your interest in Shadow Rock Ranch.  This is a beautiful mountainous community with 120 mini ranches ranging from a minimum of 10 acres to over 80 acres.  


The community is structured by covenants, conditions and restriction with the purpose of creating a more desirable environment for all land and homeowners, as well as to preserve and provide value to the owners.  The effective oversight by this community’s board of directors and the beauty of the area has made Shadow Rock Ranch a wonderful area to live and/or own property in.

There are many reasons to love Shadow Rock Ranch.  We are located in the Juniper Mountains and enjoy heavily treed ranches with both Juniper and Pinion abounding providing very private and secluded plots.  The elevations range is from 5,500-6,200 providing pleasant year-round weather without severe winters or excessively hot summers. We have four distinct seasons.  You get to see a little snow, but the winters are generally mild.  

2023 Board Meeting Schedule
  1. March 12, 2023 - 10 am at the Seligman Public Library

  2. June 11, 2023 - 10 am at the SRRPOA Community Well

  3. September 10, 2023 - 10 am at the Seligman Public Library

  4. December 10, 2023 - 10 am at the Seligman Public Library

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Shadow Rock Ranch Property Owners Association is here to make your community living experience a lot more enjoyable.

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